Bakery Boxes

Introducing…Monthly Bakery Sampler Boxes!

With so many tasty treats on our menu, and so many new, creative flavor combinations in Samantha’s baking brain, it’s time for you to sample a bit of everything! And delivered right to your door!!! Available for just one day every month, this box will be filled with sweet and savory delights. 

Each month we will curate a themed bakery sampler box. Each box will contain 6 different items, usually with multiples of each item. The boxes will be posted on our website and social media before the beginning of each month. You can place your orders until the 1st Sunday of the month. All bakery sampler boxes will be available on the 2nd Saturday of the month. We will deliver between 8a-12p. You may also pick up your sampler box between 1-4p. 

Bakery sampler boxes are $25 each and multiples may be ordered. Sampler boxes can be made gluten free by request for $35.

And now…for the first bakery sampler box of September 2020!!!

This month’s box features 2 vanilla cream cupcakes, 2 chai latte sugar cookies, 2 caramel swirl brownies, 2 savory cheddar dill scones, 4 rose water meringues and 4 raspberry macarons (with chocolate ganache and raspberry filling). Order your box by Sunday, September 6th. Boxes will be available for delivery or pick up on Saturday, September 12th.